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First Mates Club

Our marketing plan?  

  Our guests are awesome, and awesome people have awesome friends.

     If you loved your time with us, tell your friends.

       ...yup, that's pretty much it!


We are honored by how many of our guests sail with us year after year.  We know how hard you work and how long you wait for your time off, and we are proud to have you spend your time with us.  Those who have sailed with us five times receive an embroidered polo shirt and become a member of Chumley's BearCruises FIRST MATES CLUB.

Jon Ainsworth

Gary Allen

Robb Amos

Eric Anderson

Jeff Andrews

Carl Angelle

Phil Archer

Phillip Armstrong

Frank Bailey
Phillip Barker

Clay Barrett

Ed Batchelder

Lawrence Bazan

Derek Bell

Kurt Bentzen

George Bergevine

David Biehl

Bruce Bishop

Bob Blecher

John Blizzard

Robert Blizinsky

Stephen Bloom

Jay Bly

Micah Boe

Bruce Bogoslavsky

Jerry Boichuk

Pierre Bouchard

Wayne Bradt

Afonso Bras

Heath Britt

Brian Buckley

Mike Butler

Laz Cabrera

Harry Cahill

Dr. Walter Cain III

Anthony Caswell

Daryl Cate

Scott Ciliberti

James Cobler

Mario Conte

James Cook

Ryan Cooke

Brett Corbin

Sam Cortes

Chris Crider

Michael D'Augustine

James Davis

Paul DeMedeiros

James Diemand

Brad Dodson

Robert Dryden

Tad Dunlap 

Dan Dunn

Mikey Eastman 

Jerry Edwards

Trace Eggers

Matt Elliher

Jason Elliott

James Emslander

Jerry Evans

Tom Falcone

Mark Ferrier

Mark Fiorello

Dennis Firenze

Lee Floyd

Reynald Fontaine

John Foreman

Denis Forveille

Martin Fritts

Greg Galloway

Joe Gamez

Stephen Gaunt

Noah Gehman

Gary Gendusa

Connie George

Lee Gerson

Frankie Giangregario

Tom Gibson

Harry Gilbert

Ghislain Girard

Alan Graham

David Groll

Michael Groulx

David Grumber

Kevin Haertling

Morris Hager

David Ham

Carl Harnegie

Kevin Hardy

Glynn Hartin

Josh Hawkins

Ken Haywood

Rick Hellickson

Michael Henderson

Mat Heron

Will Hildreth

Arthur Hill

Bob Higginbotham

Martin Hjelm

Bryan Hopkins

Lee Hughes

Bill Hugo

Jack Jackson-Marsh

Matt Jester 

Peter Johansson

Anthony Johnson

Matt Johnston

Matthew Johnston

Dee Jonas

Ryan Jonas

Donald Kershaw

John King

Nate King

Daniel Konietzko

Nick Kuttig

Raimondo Laubinger

David LaLonde

Devin Lee

Ralph Lembo

Michael Liepe

Antonio Little

James Lombardi

Matthew  Lomot III

Matthew Lucas

Lonnie Lusty

David MacKay

Russ Macomber

Frank Magliocca

Randall Magliozzi

Joseph Manzo

Casey Martin

Mark E. Martin

Mark S. Martin

Glynn Martin

Shawyn Mars

Alan Marsh

Walt Maselka

Jeff Mathis

Phil McCabe

Tim McCarragher

Hugh McAfee

Kevin McCarthy

James McKenney

Ben Mercer

Thomas Merrill

Hydar Mike

Will Moine

Guy Monette

Mike Morrell

Andrew Morris

Darrell Mullis

Sean Mulligan

Chris Munn

Rick Murphy

Carlos Murphy

Scott Nemetz

Randy Nerwick

Larry Glinzman

David Gold

Javier Gonzalez

Mark Goodlett

Roger Gosselin

Jeff Newman

Robb Nichols

Bill Oboczky

Jacques Oliveau

Joe Onofrietti

Rick Perna

Mark Perillo

Carl Pilon

Jeff Ponnequin

Anthony Presley

Charles Randall, Jr.

Matthew Rasnake

Randy Reardon

Greg Reasor

Brian Reingardt

Paul Reinhardt

Kevin Ritzi

Ghislain Rivet

Donald Rivard

Britt Roberts

Gregg Roberts

Ronald Rodak

Claude Rodrigue

Roy Rodriguez

Thomas Rollins

Roberto Romero

Robert Rose

Micheayl Ross

Tom Rozier

Paul Ryan

Mike Sabol

Ben Sawyer

Steve Schmidt

Cliff Schofield

Joseph Seferian

Bob Seifert

Ken Sharp

Darren Shay

Anthony Shields

Scott Shimer

Michael Shriver

Bill Sibley

Shelby Simpson

Carl Slaton

Bill Skitt

Jay Smidt

Craig Smith

Mike Smith

Richard Smith

Gregory Smith

Bill Spera

Allen Sobus

Gregor Sorensen

Bill Spera

Gary Stayer

Daren Stratichuk

Adam Symborski

Matthew Szybillo 

Gareth Taylor

Mark Thompson

Kevin Tobin

Randy Tyler

Scott Udell

Dennis Vaillancourt

Carlos Vega

Barry Walker

Joe Walker

William Walker

Frank Way

Gary Wene

Bob Weiner

Warren Williams

Cary Williamson

Steven Wilson

Tim Wilson

Eddie Wirkowski

Ron Womelsdorf

Kevin Woolford

Mark Worrel

Jim Yiaski

Gary Young

William Ziegler

Steve Zink

Charter Club

Those who have sailed with us ten times or more comprise our Chumley's BearCruise CHARTER CLUB.

Truly the immediate members of our Chumley's BearCruise family, these guests receive a pair of silver cuff links.

Chris Gores



Mike McCurdy


Art Hill



Anthony Johnson



Eric Anderson


Bryan Vacinek



Billy Cochran



Tad Dunlap



Tony Presley



David Biehl


Matt Johnson



Carlos Estela




Jack Jackson-Marsh


Mark Martin



Harry Cahill



Rey Fontaine



Chuck Randall


Charter Club.jpg

Carlos Harnegie



Troy Rhyan


mark g.jpg

Mark Goodlet


gary y.jpg

Gary Young


rick perna_edited.jpg

Rick Perna




Lonny Lusty



Don Rivard



Allen Dale-Tackett



Bill Skitt


ron w.jpg

Ron Womelsdorf


steve z.jpg

Steve Zink


Charter Club.jpg

Bill Obocsky




Carl Pilon



Claude Rodrigue



Craig Dale-Tackett



Alan Marsh


michaeyl r.jpg

Michaeyl Ross


matt jester_edited.jpg


Matt Jester



With Love From...

Some wonderful comments from our guests!  We think the best way to find out about our sailings is to ask our past guests themselves - clicking on some of the photos below will enable you to send a message directly and ask about their personal experience.


Jeff & Mark

I have sailed with Chumley for many years now (15 cruises and counting as of 2019!). Over the years I have met a lot of great people, both in the group and on the ships.  I have never had a cruise where I haven’t had a great time and some great stories.


The last 3 cruises have been really special as I met my future husband Jeff on the first, asked him to marry me on the second, and then we had our honeymoon on the third.  (We only had to travel across the country to meet in the Caribbean, which was something since we realized that we only lived 20 minutes away from each other in California!)  Of course I can’t promise that you will meet your future husband on a Chumley' BearCruise, but with the record Chumley’s group has - you never know!  (Princess is the original “Love Boat” after all)

I can however say that unless you are really working at it, it’s just about impossible to not have a good time with this group.  Chumley and everyone working with the group go out of their way to make sure everyone is having a good time.

And if you are interested in any of the stories, just find me.  Ask anyone…  I like a good conversation.


Mark Martin, Sunnyvale CA

"We had sailed with Chumley’s BearCruises for

the past 5 years, and always had an amazing time.

Recently we decided to try a different

“bear cruise group”, which was not actually

only bears and from the beginning my partners and I quickly realized that it was not at all going to be

the level of service that we were used to.

We learned our lesson the hard way and are

excited to be back with Chumley and his crew.

They are there for you from beginning to end

and their attention to detail is what we

want and expect for our money and time.


You should try a Chumley’s BearCruise one time,

and I think you will see for yourself." 


Afonso, Fort Lauderdale FL


Afonso, Greg & Rick


"I first discovered Chumley's BearCruises when I was going through a rough time, and really needed some fun and some friends.  Chumley and his staff provided a place for me to feel welcomed and loved. To this day it has been one of the best vacation experiences in my life.

Since then I have been on a number of his sailings as well as other bear cruises, and I have to say to say that only Chumley offers the experience, quality, respect and above all else fun and love that just gets better every time.  He and his staff do everything possible to ensure that your time with your fellow bears is the best possible, so you can have as much fun, laughs and the most awesome memories.

You can’t go wrong with Chumley!!! You won’t find a better vacation with any other group, or a nicer bunch of bears."

Roberto, Whittier CA

"After being part of the Chumley's BearCruise group two years in a

row we tried another bear group...  in one word - disappointed!

We quickly realized that Chumley provides a level of

service, professionalism, and experience like no other.

The level of organization before and during the cruise is unparalleled.

Chumley keeps you up on what is happening ahead of time

and you can count on great service because he has

a team of experienced, friendly people there for you.

With Chumley's BearCruises you know that the money you are

spending on your vacation with a bunch of bears is going to be worth it.

You'll feel like you are being taken care of by a group of professionals and by people who are interested in making sure that you enjoy your vacation.

TRUST ME when I tell you that you are not going to get

the same for your money with other bear cruises.

We'll be back to Chumley's BearCruises soon!"


                       Gus, Washington D.C.



"This was my first ever cruise...  and I got to spend 7 wonderful days with the greatest group of men ever!  The cruise was great from day one til the very end.

The ship, crew and staff were all awesome.  It was great to have everything at your finger tips - hehe - and I do mean everything!  The service, the food, the entertainment, the cabin... WOW!" 


Ed, Johnson City TN

"I recently returned from my very first Chumley's BearCruise ever, and I cannot tell you how amazing it was. I had seen past postings about the cruise on various apps (Growlr,, etc.), but finally took the plunge and got on board this year as a birthday present to myself. What a wondrous and amazing adventure. The ship, food, fun, and music were spectacular. But what makes this vacation the best is the PEOPLE, hands down. From the efficient and amazing organization, to the fun and care of Ryan and Dee, to the approachability and friendliness of Chumley himself - and the awesome and amazing men on this trip. We weren’t bears, cubs, otters, foxes... we were just guys on a boat enjoying each other’s company. From the SECOND I got in line at Scandal’s in Fort Lauderdale to get my welcome kit, I felt warm, welcomed,

and absolutely treasured to be a part of this trip. 

From the bottom of my soul, thank you so much for the work you and your team put into this. You have brought so much joy into so many lives, and you have a dedicated fan every year going forward. Im already booking a hotel for next year!"


   Jerry, Philadelphia PA



"I just finished my 9th Chumley's BearCruise and have already pre-registered for my 10th.  First, it's a vacation away from all the stresses of daily life - and I need that. Second, it's a 'bear' and friends family reunion. The connections I've made in this group are as important as any place in my life. These are people I can share a drink or meal with or visit when I'm in their hometown or when they are visiting mine. Many of these people have become the first I want to call, email or text when something special happens in my life, just as I would any family member... family is WAY more than just blood relatives. I'm proud to call this group part of my family."


Billy, Dacula GA

"Had another great and relaxing cruise with the Chumley's BearCruise group. Made new friends and reconnected with old ones. I find the trip can be as laid back or as hectic as each person likes... And I like to unwind and just really relax and meet and greet new and old friends alike."


Bruce, McAllen TX



"Chumley's group offers me a great way to relax and be around guys who are similar to myself. Those who are friendly, open minded, loveable and enjoy the company of other real men. From the first time I went on CBC I felt welcomed with open arms. I enjoy the fact there is such a mixture of guys of all ages, colors and sizes. I am yet to meet anyone who is not welcoming and friendly as part of the group. If you or you and your partner are looking for a great way to relax with the greatest group of guys I would highly encourage you to book with the Chumley's BearCruise group."


Darrel, Atlanta GA

"I was a virgin this year so the whole experience was new to me - this was not only my first bear cruise but also my first bear event ever.  

I have to say that I was afraid of not fitting in since I'm not exactly a bear type guy but more of a chaser.

After the welcome meeting I knew I had nothing to be afraid of anymore - the guys I got to meet were really nice and the whole relaxed environment

around was perfect to enjoy the best vacations of my life so far.

I can see myself going back with the bears on this cruise in the future. I came back home not only relaxed but also with more friends - that's a real plus."


T.B. - Costa Rica.

Mark &


"This was our inaugural Chumley’s BearCruise – and, without a doubt, this was our favorite, most appealing vacation ever.  There were many things that made this trip memorable – the itinerary, the weather, ‘the boys,’...  but far and away what made this whole experience really unique and special was the level of attention to detail that Chumley and his great ‘crew’ paid to each of us. 


For us, we loved that this was an open cruise – interacting with non-CBC cruisers was fun, and it’s how many of us live our non-vacation lives as well.  We enjoyed the teaching moments, and frankly, the thought of a ‘seven day circuit party’ is definitely not appealing to us.  And yet, thanks to the carefully crafted schedule of special events just for us (like the Saturday night registration/meet-&-greet before we sailed, the costume party, the moonlight pool party, and private CBC excursions), we had plenty of opportunities to be with ‘our own tribe’ as much as we wanted ... it was a perfect blend!


In addition to the well-thought-out special events itinerary, we were especially impressed by the fast, efficient way ‘issues’ were handled and pertinent information was provided – the itinerary change, the need to find a replacement excursion, even things like the different layout of this ship.  In each case, the CBC crew was quick to iron out details, and extremely forthcoming with quick and complete information about changes, what we could expect, and encouragement to ask questions or speak with any of the staff personally, if needed.  I remained impressed by Chumley’s magnanimous and professional presence throughout the entire voyage.   It was very clear that he and his CBC team take the notion of responsibility very seriously.  Chumley, you are the consummate host.


In closing, I can’t recall ever being part an event of this size or magnitude where I felt so well cared for.  We truly felt like ‘special guests’ each and every day.  Thanks, Chumley & CBC staff, for an amazing, memorable vacation."


Mark & Bruce, Tuscson AZ

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